Michael Wuitchik - Author of My Heart Is Not My Own
I live on Canada’s west coast near Victoria, British Columbia. My first novel, My Heart Is Not My Own, set in Vancouver and Sierra Leone,was a labour of love that has taken me back to Sierra Leone several times. I’ve journeyed hundreds of miles with colourful characters, drank beer and poyo (palm wine) while talking about secret societies and child-soldiers and bush-wives, and I’ve had the privilege of sitting around three stone cooking fires with the women who use them every day of their lives. I enjoy working on small, sustainable, community managed aid projects (like bursaries for girls, and schools for everyone) in my adopted African village of Sumbuya, Sierra Leone. In my spare time I like to travel, work on gardening projects, paddle outrigger canoes, cook and hang out with Shelley and the dogs.

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