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Return to Sierra Leone Part 2…let there be (solar) light

The welcome in Sumbuya began at Salima, at the eastern section of the village. Singing school children, drums, dancers. Everyone paraded through the village to the official welcome at the school hall. The highlight was the G’boi, a raffia covered … Continue reading

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Salone 2014: on returning to Sierra Leone

The novel is out, the reviews are wonderful and I’m moving on to other projects, writing and otherwise. I’ve been meaning to write about the notes I’ve been receiving from readers of My Heart is Not My Own. And I … Continue reading

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Taking the back way through Sierra Leone

I hadn’t counted on National Cleanup Day. A country with no garbage pickup—no recycling. On windy days plastic bags swirl like leaves. But not on National Cleanup Day. The only vehicles on the roads belong to police, or the military … Continue reading

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A few days among the Mende in Sierra Leone

This is a “live” post from Sumbuya, Sierra Leone. I ask your forgiveness for spelling or grammatical errors—I’m in an NGO office, the lights are blinking and, well—this is going to be one draft only. I’m here to tidy up … Continue reading

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Passion Play in the Serengeti

Two million animals in search of the tall grasses. An endless circle, with no beginning And no end. Languid walks along the plains, The sweet grasses disappearing within days of their coming, The relentless movement of wildebeest The life-force of … Continue reading

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Back to the beginning….

Thanks to my agent, Drea Cohane, My Heart Is Not My Own is finally getting into the hands of acquiring editors. And so my thoughts return to the beginning…. In 2000, during the civil war in Sierra Leone, I visited … Continue reading

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In memory of a good friend…

Two years ago I returned to Sierra Leone (Return to Freetown, Salone 2010). I made it through the chaos of Lungi Airport at night, stumbled onto a helicopter, and landed on the other side of the estuary. Waiting for me … Continue reading

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New Used Shoes

Today I took Maserai, Lucia and Mamie shopping.  The second hand shoe seller was in town. I got permission from the principal to take the girls out of school and off we went. I could tell it was a Big … Continue reading

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Home to Sumbuya

When we rolled into Sumbuya, Maserai came running. Her hug was warm and we were soon joined by Lucia and Mamie. The girls wear rags and I’m reminded that their best clothes are their school uniforms. Everyone crowds into the … Continue reading

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Through the North

Back. On this trip I’ll first go to Kabala in the north. Kenawa has been hard to contact and I learned that he’s been seriously ill. With regrets, we promise to meet up on my return through Freetown. I arrange … Continue reading

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