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Stewart Bell, The National Post-Review of My Heart is Not My Own

“…Wuitchik succeeds because of Mariama and her heroic resilience. “I will never be the same,” she writes in her diary. Neither will those who spend time with Wuitchik’s disturbing yet touching novel.” Stewart Bell, The National Post.

Marcia Kaye, The Toronto Star- Review of My Heart is Not My Own

“…illuminating and refreshing to read a novel set in Sierra Leone that, while never shying away from the brutal realities, paints a fuller picture including lush landscapes, powerful women, philosophical men and secret societies, layered through with magic, adventure and sensuality.”–Marcia Kaye, The Toronto Star

Victoria Times-Colonist-interview with Adrian Chamberlain

Rocky Mountain Outlook, Newspaper Interview

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“Wuitchik’s alluring novel about the haunted and the hunted captures both love and ferocity in the unhinged setting of war in Africa. An authentic and beautiful read.”
—Richard Heinzl, author and founder of Doctors Without Borders/Medecins sans Frontieres Canada

My Heart Is Not My Own is not an easy read. But books that compel us to leave the comfort of our worlds to understand the humanity of others seldom are. It is a testament to the strength of Wuitchik’s courageous characters that we are not left without a sense of hope. This is a book worth spending time with.”
—Yejide Kilanko, nationally bestselling author of Daughters Who Walk This Path

“A compelling first novel. Wuitchik writes convincingly about the realities of warfare—without resorting to cliches or political banners.”
—Sikeena Karmali, author of A House by the Sea