Well that was something!

People lining up, outside the doors. Fire regulations put the limit at 96. I can’t say how many attended…. some were turned away and many had to stand.

Music by the fabulous The Eerie Green.  A table with copies of My Heart is Not My Own—lots of copies.

With Betty Tenga

With Betty Tenga

Friends I haven’t seen in over twenty years. Family members. Complete strangers. The two women who made it possible, Shelley Wuitchik and Betty Tenga, and little Linden Michael Hull, all of 3 weeks old, attending his first book launch party.

The two women, without whom....

The two women, without whom….

To say there was lots of love in Canmore on this night would be an understatement—it was amazing. Readers. Musicians. And probably a few non-readers who just came out to be supportive.

Frank Osendaarp was the MC—his introduction was very kind—the sort of intro that only the best of friends can pull off.

I told a few stories—about trips to refugee camps with Wayne Enright, and how Shelley suggested I focus on Rourke’s and Nadia’s hands in a love scene, and how Betty Tenga suggested Jolie would die and Mariama would adopt the baby they had just delivered—a baby Mariama would carry on her back across Sierra Leone.audience

I read a couple of scenes and Betty read two plus an “encore”. Having Betty, a Sierra Leonean nurse-midwife and former refugee read Mariama’s diary was a thrill.audience2

Here’s a little youtube video of the evening with music by The Eerie Green.

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