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Construction complete—it just took me a while to get out of my garden…

  It has been awhile–two years. I left Sierra Leone in 2014 not knowing at the time that Ebola had just brought her misery to the country. I recall that $1 U.S. dollar bought something close to 4200 Leones–today you … Continue reading

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Trashing the bed…

Of the scores of photos I’ve taken in Africa, there is one that stays with me. It is a photo of the labour and delivery bed in the clinic in Sumbuya, Sierra Leone. The leather itself seems anguished–worn in places–torn … Continue reading

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Salone 2014: on returning to Sierra Leone

The novel is out, the reviews are wonderful and I’m moving on to other projects, writing and otherwise. I’ve been meaning to write about the notes I’ve been receiving from readers of My Heart is Not My Own. And I … Continue reading

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On, debt to life….

I’m not overly superstitious—I walk under ladders, step on cracks in the sidewalk. I know a Russian neurologist, well published in scientific journals, who doesn’t like to acknowledge when “things are going well” as we do in North America—what if, … Continue reading

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Back to the beginning….

Thanks to my agent, Drea Cohane, My Heart Is Not My Own is finally getting into the hands of acquiring editors. And so my thoughts return to the beginning…. In 2000, during the civil war in Sierra Leone, I visited … Continue reading

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No Petrol for the Ambulance

Mohamed is the local Community Health Officer. He has 3 years of training after high school. With this professional background he stitches wounds, performs minor surgeries, and treats malaria. Today I rode with Mohamed on his motorbike to his health … Continue reading

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